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Eye Services

The Eye Centre is a modern clinic and surgical centre that normally sees over 25,000 patients and performs over 2,000 major eye surgeries annually. Ophthalmologists are on staff in addition to other doctors from abroad who volunteer their services. Our walk-in clinic operates five days a week alongside our private clinic, which provides examinations by appointments.


Surgeries: -

o Extra capsular Cataract

o [Extraction [ECCE]/Small Excision Cataract Surgery:]

o Phaco emulsification

o Corneal/scleral perforation

o Corneal transplant/keratoplasty

o Enucleation

o Evisceration

o Glaucoma operation

o Lid repair

o Ocular plastics/Reconstructive surgery


o Lid/Conj. Flap/Conjunctival growths

o Excision/Biopsy

o Pterygium Excision

o GA theatre fee

o LWO for Children under GA

o Laser: -

Yag or Argon short procedure:


Argon long procedure


o Chalazion/2 snip

o Stye/Hordolium

o Probing & Syringing

o Examination under Anesthesia

o Corneal scrapping

o Foreign body [corneal] in Theatre or on Slit Lam

Consultation: [Covers: Registration, Doctors fee, IOP test, Refraction & Fundoscopy]

Visual Field

Medical reports

Rural Eye Camps:
In addition to our main eye clinic, the centre also sends out mobile eye teams each week to remote areas of the Coast Province. The purpose behind these clinics is to extend care to areas where access to ophthalmic treatment is difficult.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00-4:30
Saturday, Sunday, & National Holidays: Closed

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