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General Clinic

The General Clinic is a walk-in clinic from Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30 where patients can be examined for spectacles and other eye conditions. More than 10 staff are on duty including an ophthalmologist, ophthalmic clinical officer, ophthalmic nurse, laboratory technologist, ophthalmic assistants, ophthalmology residents from the University of Nairobi, and visiting doctors. The consultation fee is reasonable while those who have financial difficulty can qualify for a discount or fee waiver.
Some of the special services we offer are:

Surgeries: -

o Extra capsular Cataract

o [Extraction [ECCE]/Small Excision Cataract Surgery:]

o Phaco emulsification

o Corneal/scleral perforation

o Corneal transplant/keratoplasty

o Enucleation

o Evisceration

o Glaucoma operation

o Lid repair

o Ocular plastics/Reconstructive surgery


o Lid/Conj. Flap/Conjunctival growths

o Excision/Biopsy

o Pterygium Excision

o GA theatre fee

o LWO for Children under GA

o Laser: -

Yag or Argon short procedure:


Argon long procedure


o Chalazion/2 snip

o Stye/Hordolium

o Probing & Syringing

o Examination under Anesthesia

o Corneal scrapping

o Foreign body [corneal] in Theatre or on Slit Lam

Consultation: [Covers: Registration, Doctors fee, IOP test, Refraction & Fundoscopy]

Visual Field

Medical reports

Working Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00-4:30
Saturday, Sunday, & National Holidays: Closed

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