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Appointment Clinic

A separate clinic is available for appointment examinations Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30. A comprehensive eye exam is given by our consultant ophthalmologist, visiting ophthalmologist from abroad, or ophthalmic clinical officeras to your preference. The health of the eyes are examined to check for conditions such as cataracts, diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, and any need for spectacles.

Private/Appointment Clinic

This is one of the essential wing at Lighthouse For Christ Eye Centre, that serves quite a number of clients with eye problems per week.

In the private clinic, clients can schedule appointments by phone with a doctor of their choice and at their convenience to be seen on arrival without waiting on a queue. A team of qualified, dedicated, hospitable, and pleasant staff including consultant ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses, technicians and optometrists runs LHFCEC.

Despite the high volume of patients each day, there is a continuous flow of service as staffs take tea and lunch breaks in turns. Any little waiting on the queue is eclipsed by soft, sweet Christian music and video or a chat with the Christian counselor who is always available at the waiting bay.

As dynamic as is the practice of medicine, the private clinic meets a critical need in the training of postgraduate doctors on attachment from the University of Nairobi throughout the year. It is a meeting place for these doctors and the staff with visiting ophthalmologists from other parts of the world for exchange of knowledge and skill for utmost benefit to the patients. Often, these are experts in various fields.

The clinic has among other machines: Several high quality slit-lamp microscopes for thorough eye check up, automated refractometers used to accurately test for spectacles.

As the patient now leaves the compound of LHFCEC, they are satisfied that the unit has efficiently delivered acceptable, affordable, and effective eye care service to them with a complementary ministry to their soul.

Notices of a visiting ophthalmologist can be seen in the Media and Coast Week newspaper.

Some of the special services we offer are:

Surgeries: -

o Extra capsular Cataract

o [Extraction [ECCE]/Small Excision Cataract Surgery:]

o Phaco emulsification

o Corneal/scleral perforation

o Corneal transplant/keratoplasty

o Enucleation

o Evisceration

o Glaucoma operation

o Lid repair

o Ocular plastics/Reconstructive surgery


o Lid/Conj. Flap/Conjunctival growths

o Excision/Biopsy

o Pterygium Excision

o GA theatre fee

o LWO for Children under GA

o Laser: -

Yag or Argon short procedure:


Argon long procedure


o Chalazion/2 snip

o Stye/Hordolium

o Probing & Syringing

o Examination under Anesthesia

o Corneal scrapping

o Foreign body [corneal] in Theatre or on Slit Lam

Consultation: [Covers: Registration, Doctors fee, IOP test, Refraction & Fundoscopy]

Visual Field

Medical reports

To fix an appointment, kindly contact us.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00-4:30
Saturday, Sunday, & National Holidays: Closed

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