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The theater department is a modern facility that handles over 1,500 surgeries each year. There are 2 operating rooms and offer various surgical services.


Our theatre is a well equipped theatre with modern machines like Phaco, G. A. machines, operating microscope, teaching microscope and vitrectomy machines.

The lighthouse theatre has well  trained  and  experienced  staff  able  to  operate  all  machines,  assists  all cases headed by a theatre team leader who is well trained in maintenance of medical equipments, this has always given us an upper edge on the quality and quantity of surgeries results.

We have  enough  operating  beds  and  chairs  and  we  can  operate  four  beds  at  a given  time.  We have good microscope and teaching pieces. With these at hand it guarantees our training and practical skills transferred to the all trainees we receive.

The theatre is also used for training of 1st and 2nd elective masters students from the university all over East and Central Africa. Cataract surgeons from medical training colleges in Kenya, Ophthalmic nurses from Medical training colleges and we do also train theatre technicians and surgical technicians.

On  special  arrangements  our  operating  room  is  available to  all eye surgeons  who  run  private clinics in town.

The special machines include vitrectomy   machines, phaco, laser, GA, Microscope with teaching pieces.  All  these  make  our theatre  unique  at  any  given  moment  because  we  are  able  to  do  most  eye  surgeries  with  the  right  equipment  even  A   scan for  babies.

Twice annually we receive glaucoma, squint and cornea specialists. We do also receive other local specialist like Dr. Kibata plus others on annual basis. These makes lighthouse a one stop clinic where any kind of eye problems that require operation be done

Types of cataract surgeries commonly due include:-

  • Cataract surgery (Phacoemulsification, Small-Incision, Pediatrics)

  • General Anesthesia surgery

  • Glaucoma surgery (Trabeculectomy)

  • Squint surgery

  • Eye Trauma treatment

  • Tumor excision

  • Corneal Transplantation

  • Oculo-Plastic surgery

  • Glaucoma-trab  and  valves,

  • Eyeball  repairs,

  • Lids excisions.

  • Eyeball  repairs.

  • Lids excisions.

We  have  competent  surgeons  readily  available  Monday   to  Thursday to  operate  on all  booked  patients.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00-4:30
Saturday, Sunday, & National Holidays: Closed

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