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Organizational and individual sponsors help thousands of East Africans each year to have improved vision who otherwise would not be helped. Many patients cannot afford a bus fare ticket to reach our clinic, so sponsored mobile eye teams travel many kilometers each week to bring free eyecare to rural areas. Over 8000 patients are seen each year at our mobile eye camps.
Young infants and children are also greatly assisted by sponsorship. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya has partnered with Lighthouse to provide surgery to children whose families cannot afford eye surgery at a private or government hospital. The types of conditions treated include congenital cataracts, severe eye injuries, cross-eyes, tumor removals, and more.
Finally, special projects are sponsored such as helping to acquire new equipment or expanding the clinic facilities.

If you would like to be a one-time sponsor or a long-term sponsor for a mobile eye camp or for a child’s surgery, kindly contact us.

Some of our major sponsors for 2011 are:

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