About us

About us

Lighthouse for Christ Eye Centre

Lighthouse for Christ Eye Centre is a charity hospital providing eye care to residents of the Coastal and lower Eastern regions of Kenya since 1969. We operate a modern eye clinic and surgical centre in Mombasa and fully equipped satellite clinics in Kilifi, Voi and Mariakani.

We offer comprehensive eye examination and treatment using various modalities such as medication, glasses, surgery and laser.
Mission Verse:
…we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work… I am the light of the world [John 9:3-7].

Healing Physical and Spiritual Blindness in the East Coast of Africa.

Mission statement:
A self-sustaining specialized eye centre serviced by people of personal integrity devoted to Christ, guided by the Bible into excellence, in quality services with love and value for people moving them closer to God for his Glory.

Our Motto:
…Your Sight our Mission, Come and See…


Who is treating me?

The eye may seem like a small organ but believe me, there are so many different kinds of doctors who can treat you. The eye team that seamlessly work together to ensure good health of your eye.

Eye Care Worker

Job Description

Training Duration

Ophthalmologist This is a fully trained doctor who is specialized in treating a whole range of eye diseases. They also perform surgeries and laser treatments in the eye if it is needed.

There are different subspecialist in ophthalmology such as:

Glaucoma Soecialists

Vitreoretinal surgeons

Cornea Surgeons

Peadiatric Ophthalmologists

Oculoplasty surgeons

It takes about 10 years for one to become an Ophthalmologist
Optometrists/Opticians These are eye care workers that are trained to measure your glasses and contact lenses It takes about four years to be an optometrist.
Ophthalmic Clinical Officer These are clinical officers who are trained to treat a wide range of eye diseases. Some clinical officers are trained as cataract surgeons. It takes about five years to train as an ophthalmic clinical officer.
Ophthalmic Nurse This is a nurse trained to screen and provide primary eye care. They also assist ophthalmologists and clinical officers in preparing patients, eye wound dressing and in theatre. It takes about five years to be an ophthalmic Nurse.
Ophthalmic assistants This is a technician trained to assist the eye doctor in taking basic eye measurements such as vision, eye pressure that are simple and routine to make the doctor efficient. It takes about two years to train an ophthalmic assistant
Refraction technician This is an individual who performs the ophthalmic assistant task and also able to accurately measure spectacle lens power It takes about three years to train a refraction technician
Optical Technician This is the person who works at the optical workshop cutting the lenses and fitting them into the frame It takes about two years to train an Optical technician