Optical Shop


Our optical shop offers a wide range of high quality lenses and frames in latest designs and made of superior materials ranging from budget-friendly values to high end designer brands.

Our opticians will help you select glasses that are fashionable while at the same time improve your vision.

Our one hour optical service 

Our glazing technicians ensure that they expertly pair the frame you have chosen with lenses and a custom fitting to ensure they look great on you.

Lens Types

Single Vision

Single vision lenses have only one prescription which maybe near, intermediate or distance. Their uses can be reading glasses (Near), driving glasses (Distance) or computer glasses (Intermediate).


Bifocal lenses have two distinct parts (prescriptions) that help the user see both close up images and images at a distance. The lower section helps wearers view objects that are near and the upper section of the lense helps wearer see clearly objects that are beyond one meter.


Progressive lenses have three distinct parts (prescriptions) that allows the user to do close up work (like reading), or distance viewing (Like driving), or intermediate work (working on a computer) without having to change glasses.