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Light House For Christ Eye Centre

Healing Physical and spiritual blindness since 1969

A modern eye clinic and surgical centre in Mombasa and fully equipped satellite clinics in Kilifi, Voi and Mariakani.


Satisfied Patients

What We Offer

Doctor’s consultation

Private Clinic

The private clinic is a bit comfortable than the general clinic. Patients pay slightly more for the extra service whether your insurance is accepted or are paying out of your pocket.

General Clinic

Consultation and treatment costs at the general clinic are highly subsidized to enable all people access eye care services. Due to the affordability of the services, the general clinic sometimes attracts


We have a designated NHIF desk that attends to our NHIF patients. Consultation and optical services (spectacles) at our clinics are available to civil servants only.


How to prepare when visiting us

  • Carry your national identity card or passport. It’s a standard requirement for registering our patients.
  • Carry all medical reports and radiology images that were requested by your eye doctor or that were used in previous treatment in other clinics besides lighthouse clinics.
  • Bring a list of all medicines and eye drops either prescribed or bought over the county (Chemist) that you might have been using.
  • If you have insurance cover, bring the smart card.
  • Come with an interpreter, if you’ll need one.

What We Offer

Eye Care Based Solutions

General Ophthalmology

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and expertise from our doctors to offer our patients best possible care using various modalities such as medicine, eye glasses, laser and surgeries.


Our optical shop offers a wide range of high quality lenses and frames in latest designs and made of superior materials ranging from budget-friendly values to high end designer brands.


Every month Lighthouse for Christ Eye Centre holds free medical eye camps to create awareness about eye care and to extend eye care services to members of the community who may have little or no access

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